About me.

Hello and welcome to my website.
I came into photography via and after a fairly successful sporting life. After many years of competing in cycle races around the country it dawned on me one day that it would be nice to come back to some places and take a proper look instead of zipping past at break neck speed, head down! I've always carried a small compact around to zap the usual spur of the moment snaps, but i decided in 2001 to get a proper camera; so a second hand Miranda 35mm body and lens was bought from my local dealer and so began my journey. Slowly i learn't the basics through trial and era. Then on a trip to my local dealer i traded up and went digital, with a second hand first generation Canon D30; from then on i've never looked back. As with anything in life i'm still learning the art, always looking to get that perfect image!
Being an outdoors person, i'm spoilt here in North Wales; so being able to combine all my passions, walking,cycling, photography, railways & nature is a pure blessing and is something i try to convey through my work. I hope you enjoy.